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The artistic process

rheal a l oeuvre 2009Early on, he paints by splashes and transgresses the colors. When one tells him that his style is similar to Impressionism and Fauvism, he finds the motivation to resume the difficult task of reading. He wants to know the masters. Over the years, his readings, his contacts with other artists, the discipline of work and his participation in exhibitions continue to make him evolve towards a more individualistic and characteristic expression. First, a nostalgic painter of the GASPE sea, he makes a turn to the exuberant chaos of the Outaouais forest and, trees become the main characters of a large number of his paintings. He switches from the monochrome blue expression to an explosion of colors. His brushwork gets more precise. He learns to translate his emotion by the transposition of colors and develops a disconcerting perspective that transmits his reverence as well as his connection with the landscapes he paints.

Back in Baie-des-Chaleurs, he opts for a more sober representation of the space occupied by the trees on his modest property . He is inspired by seashores and it is from 2014 that Rhéal enters the world of fishermen, in the heart of huge icy surfaces, pointing far away on the horizon. He captures moments where time stops.